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About Us

The Vision

William Perry, Max Cleland’s protégé, held a remembrance night after Senator Cleland’s memorial service. There at Manuel’s Tavern, with an open mic for former staffers, friends, and supporters to share their memories of Max, the embers for the creation of this project began to burn. What had been conceived as a loving tribute turned out to be a night of true inspiration. Almost every speaker talked about the way Max served as an inspiration to them, like no other person, and especially not any other politician, that they had known.  


The project and documentary are envisioned to capture how Max Cleland’s personality, work, and true love for people inspired so many. Yet, Max was not a saint. Rather than portraying him as such, we want to share his challenges, shortcomings and the ghosts that haunted him, and the way he handled his issues. We believe his flaws and personal trials often inspired people as much as, or even more, than the loving, jovial man and political leader that was one of Georgia’s most beloved political figures. Max loved old western movies. Like the title of one of his favorites, we want to show how he impacted so many people’s lives with the good, the bad, and the ugly.


The Team

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